The Structure of the Shoulder

Have you ever considered the structure of the shoulder? While we often take our shoulders for granted, Dr. Michael Wilson at Kosak Chiropractic, serving Fairfield, CA, takes your shoulder and overall musculoskeletal health seriously. 

Breaking Down the Anatomy of Your Shoulder

Your shoulder consists of several parts that connect your upper arm to your upper body. 


The bones that make up your shoulder as a whole functioning part include:

  • Clavicle, called the collarbone.
  • Scapula, called the shoulder blade.
  • Humerus, your upper arm bone.
  • Sternum called the breastbone.


There are a lot of different muscles in the shoulder. The most important are:

  • Deltoid muscle, which is a very large muscle that allows you to lift your arm.
  • The group of rotator cuff muscles, an entire network of muscles that function together to allow you to move your shoulder and rotate your arm.

The muscles are categorized by where they originate from and whether they are extrinsic or intrinsic to the shoulder structure. 


There are four joints in the shoulder structure. These are:

  • Glenohumeral joint is the ball and socket synovial joint you would most commonly associate with your shoulder. It is the least stable joint in the body susceptible to dislocation.
  • The acromioclavicular joint attaches the collarbone to the shoulder blade and allows additional rotation.
  • Sternoclavicular joint where the breastbone and collarbone meet. It has robust ligament enforcement preventing dislocation. Unlike its Glenohumeral counterpart, you are more likely to break a bone in the shoulder structure than dislocate this joint.
  • The Scapulothoracic joint is a joint within the acromioclavicular and sternoclavicular joints where they meet the thorax or upper chest. 


In addition to the bones, muscles, and joints making up the structure of the shoulder, there is also:

  • Ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissues
  • Connective tissues like cartilage
  • Bursae within the joints
  • Nerves, blood vessels, and other parts.

Looking After Your Shoulders Is Important

At Kosak Chiropractic serving Fairfield, CA, Dr. Wilson knows that maintaining the health of your shoulder is vital because it is one of the most flexible areas of your body, and injuries and illnesses can have a negative impact on your shoulder, leaving you with long-term consequences like:

  • Restricted movement
  • Poorer quality of life
  • Long-term pain and inflammation

Chiropractic interventions offered by Dr. Wilson can be tailored to help you with your shoulder problems using a combination of adjustments and therapies.

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