Pain in the Upper Back

Find a solution for your upper back pain in Fairfield, CA, by consulting Dr. Michael Wilson of Kosak Chiropractic.

What You Need to Know About Upper Back Pain

Back pain is a nagging condition that many of us know all too well. However, not all occurrences of it are the same. While low back pain is a common complaint, some may struggle more with upper back discomfort.

Upper back pain can be troublesome because it can make its presence felt at almost any time. Even simple tasks like looking at your smartphone or sitting upright in a chair can be uncomfortable experiences because of your back injury. This particular health problem is also often accompanied by reduced flexibility. Moving your neck, arms, and shoulders may suddenly become difficult due to the issues plaguing your upper back.

So, why are you currently experiencing upper back pain?

Overuse injuries affecting the spinal discs and connective tissues in the upper segment of your spine can explain why you are currently saddled with significant back pain. The effects of aging can also intensify your level of discomfort. You may experience more joint pain and stiff pain once the cartilage found between the segments of your upper spine starts to wear down.

A traumatic injury could also be the underlying cause of your upper back pain. Whiplash injuries are notorious for causing pain near the neck and shoulders. They may also be accompanied by limited range of motion and headaches.

Securing expert treatment is a must if you’re seeking relief from upper back pain. Dr. Wilson of Kosak Chiropractic can administer the upper back pain treatment you need in Fairfield, CA.

How a Chiropractor Can Alleviate Upper Back Pain

Many of the common causes of upper back pain are rooted in issues that affect the spinal discs, joint cartilage, connective tissues, and muscles. Because the likely root cause of your discomfort is related to those parts of your upper back, your aim should be to address them directly. Your chiropractor can help with that.

After confirming the issues responsible for your upper back discomfort, your chiropractor can administer spinal adjustments to treat them. They can restore the proper alignment of your back to treat your whiplash injury and minimize the effects of overuse injuries.

Cold laser therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, and massage therapy are additional treatment methods that excel at treating upper back pain. Those treatment methods can stimulate the injured tissues in your upper back to promote natural healing. They can also provide the immediate pain relief you’re looking for.

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