Common Contributors to Neck Pain

When you have neck pain, it can make it difficult for you to do simple tasks like relaxing and watching TV or looking down at a good book. It can interfere with your ability to perform your tasks at work. If it's severe and constant, it might even disrupt your sleep. At Kosak Chiropractic Auto Accident & Pain Clinic, serving Fairfield, CA, and the general vicinity, Dr. Michael Wilson treats various issues that contribute to neck pain and would like to educate you about the potential causes.


Neck pain from driving is a particular risk if you drive for prolonged periods. As you drive, you keep your head in one position with your eyes on the road. Especially if you're not stopping and taking breaks or giving your neck a rest every now and then, driving can contribute to neck pain. 

Texting and Laptop and Tablet Use 

Texting and tablet or laptop use cause you to look downward, which puts your neck into a non-natural position. As a result, you stretch the muscles and soft tissue in your neck, which leads to pain. In some cases, it might be severe enough that it places stress on the nerves, and you also experience numbness or tingling. 

Computer Use 

If you use a desktop computer for long periods regularly, you might experience neck pain. This doesn't occur with all users, though. This stems from your monitor being at the wrong angle, and you looking downward or upward to see the screen. 


Whether you have a job that requires you to be on the computer for a long time, driving a vehicle, etc., you might develop neck pain. 

Poor Posture

Think about how you sit at work. What about when you're at home and relaxing? Do you sit with your neck straight up with your shoulders down and slightly back? If not, then you might have poor posture, which is contributing to your neck pain. 

With poor posture, you're bending your neck in an unnatural position, stressing the soft tissue and contributing to pain. 

These are merely a few examples of what's contributing to your neck pain. When you visit Kosak Chiropractic Auto Accident & Pain Clinic, serving Fairfield, CA, and the nearby region, our Dr. Wilson can diagnose the problem accurately and provide you with a treatment approach according to your diagnosis. Our practitioner may even be able to provide you with lifestyle advice to address the discomfort. 

Schedule an appointment today if you're experiencing neck pain and want to find relief. We're available by calling 707-426-1111.

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