Muscles of the Upper Back

Your upper back has several muscles that allow your shoulders and arms to move. Since you're using these muscles all the time, they're more vulnerable to an injury, particularly from overuse. At Kosak Chiropractic Auto Accident & Pain Clinic, serving Fairfield, CA, and the neighboring communities, our Dr. Michael Wilson can help if you have back pain from any of these muscles. So let's take a moment to discuss the muscles in this area that may have pain.  


The trapezius muscle is one location you could have back pain. It's a pair of muscles shaped like a trapezoid, thus the name. It's a large muscle located near the thorax and neck. 

It's responsible for the function of the shoulder girdle, which consists of the clavicle and scapula. Besides controlling movement, it also plays a role in the stability of the shoulder muscle. 

You have two trapezius muscles, one on the left and one on the right. 


The infraspinatus muscle is triangle-shaped and on the dorsal part of the scapula. It connects the scapula to the humerus. 

It makes up the rotator cuff muscles, which means it plays a role in the movement of your shoulder. It also provides your shoulder with stability. 

You use this particular muscle when you participate in activities, such as baseball, swimming, or tennis. 

Teres Minor 

The teres minor is a muscle that makes up the posterior portion of the shoulder. It's part of the rotator cuff and connects the humerus and scapula. 

The teres minor is responsible for your arm rotating outward. It controls movement and provides stabilization to the glenoid cavity. 

You have one on each side of your body. 

Teres Major 

The teres major is part of your shoulder joint. It's a thick muscle, spanning from your scapula to your humerus. The teres major doesn't connect to the glenohumeral joint, so it isn't part of the rotator cuff. 

This particular muscle is responsible for arm movement. It helps maintain stabilization in the shoulder joint as well. 

You have two of these muscles, one on each side.  


You have a deltoid muscle on both sides of your upper back. This large, triangular muscle covers the shoulder joint. It helps to raise your arm laterally and provides joint stability.

You can find relief of your back pain from Dr. Wilson if you're suffering from an injury to any of these muscles. Our practitioner at Kosak Chiropractic Auto Accident & Pain Clinic, serving Fairfield, CA, and the nearby region, can provide you with a treatment to help, especially when he knows the muscle.

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