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Core Muscles and Back Support

The muscles in your abdomen are known as your core muscles. Your core consists of muscles like your internal and external obliques. It serves the purpose of supporting your body, providing strength, and playing a role in coordination. At Kosak Chiropractic Auto Accident & Pain Clinic in Fairfield, CA, Dr. Michael Wilson often recommends strengthening these muscles to help with your healing process. Let's discuss.

What Are Core Muscles?

The core muscles include the four major muscles that create the abdomen. That's why you'll commonly hear people who are trying to get six-pack abs stating that they're working on their cores. However, the core consists of other muscles that work these abdominal muscles as well, like the butt, legs, hip, and back muscles. 

Benefits of Your Core Muscles 

All of these muscles together create your core, which is your connection between the upper and lower halves of your body. Your posture depends on the strength of your core muscles, and so do various tasks you perform. 

Often, these muscles are considered to be the most important ones in the entire body. When you strengthen them, you improve your stability and balance. A strong core can allow you to perform your daily activities better, including your job. Plus, if you're happy with your core muscles, usually, you may be proud of your body overall. 

About Our Soft Tissue Therapy for Your Core Muscles 

While our practitioner may recommend certain therapies to assist if you have a core muscle that's causing you pain and discomfort, a majority of our treatments for your core muscles are strengthening exercises. It may be to help you better move during the day. Or, our practitioner may recommend strengthening your core muscles if you have poor posture that's causing you pain and discomfort. 

During your soft tissue therapy, our chiropractor will guide you through exercises that slowly work your core muscles. These are gentle stretches that gradually increase in difficulty as you build core muscle strength. 

We may recommend core muscle strengthening as part of your back pain treatment. As you strengthen them, your back becomes more stable, which can reduce some of the stress on it and can prevent injuries in the future. This is especially the case since improving core muscle strength improves your balance. 

Kosak Chiropractic Auto Accident & Pain Clinic in Fairfield, CA, has Dr. Wilson who believes core muscle strength is the core solution to a variety of musculoskeletal issues. If it could benefit you, you'll receive a custom-tailored plan that works these muscles and may reduce your back pain and other issues. 

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