Rotator Cuff Injury

Shoulder Joint Health and Chiropractic Options

Dr. Michael Wilson, a board-certified chiropractic doctor, is the owner of Kosak Chiropractic Office, 1252 Travis Blvd. Suite G, Fairfield, CA. This chiropractic doctor offers various seasoned services for temporary and chronic conditions. Treatments are alternative and successfully proven options for many years. We frequently work with traditional medical doctors to find successful health pathways for all patients through our alternative healing methods.

One condition we treat is rotator cuff injuries.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder pain can stem from repetitive use or sudden arm and shoulder injuries. In addition, repetitious movement of the arm can cause damage to the shoulder. 

A group of tendons and muscles surround your shoulder joint, keeping the upper arm within the shoulder socket. Injuries to this area increase with age. These injuries can cause you to experience a dull ache in your shoulder that seems to worsen at night. 

How to Know You Have a Tear in the Shoulder?

  • You have limited arm movement. 
  • You have pain deep within your shoulder.
  • You may hear cracking in your shoulder upon movement.
  • Your arm muscles are weak.
  • Lifting and arm movement exacerbate pain. 
  • You have sleepless nights due to pain.

Dr. Wilson at Kosak Chiropractic Office, 1252 Travis Blvd. Suite G, Fairfield, CA, may prescribe non-evasive treatment options for your rotator cuff injury, such as,

  • Heat
  • Ice
  • Massage
  • An arm sling to immobilize the arm
  • Electric muscle stimulation
  • Therapeutic ultrasound

Physiotherapy to exercise the arm and shoulder may be helpful. The last resort may be surgical intervention. Our goal is to restore arm movement and eliminate pain. Tears in the shoulder do not heal on their own. Suspected shoulder injuries must be addressed immediately.

Alternative Non-Invasive Chiropractic Treatment Options

There are a few options to heal this injury, as listed above unless it is so severe that it requires surgery. But even then, complementary chiropractic treatments can speed your healing and ensure a full recovery.

Contact Dr. Wilson at Kosak Chiropractic Office, 1252 Travis Blvd. Suite G, Fairfield, CA., by calling 707-426-1111 for an appointment as soon as you suspect a rotator cuff injury. 

Please remember that any injury to the shoulder does not go away on its own. This injury worsens without the proper chiropractic treatment and can develop into tendonitis. Tendinitis worsens without treatment and can cause a complete tear of the tendon. 

If you suspect an injury to your shoulder joint, please call us immediately so we can examine your shoulder and initiate the proper treatment. Never think this will go away because it will worsen over time. 

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