Ultrasound Therapy

The Comfort and Effectiveness of Chiropractic Treatments

Dr. Michael Wilson at Kosak Chiropractic Auto Accident & Pain Clinic in Fairfield, CA, is a licensed, board-certified, seasoned, and experienced chiropractic doctor who frequently uses ultrasound on his patients suffering soft tissue injuries. This treatment shows a high success rate in healing. 

Soft tissue injuries happen every day in various situations, like car accidents, slip and fall injuries, and sports competitions.  

Chiropractic medicine takes a different pathway toward health and wellness with proven and successful treatments for various disorders in the human body. This treatment is a tiny piece of the puzzle contributing to this successful chiropractic clinic. 

A Different Kind of Treatment and How It Works

  • Many patients believe that if a treatment is not uncomfortable, not invasive, painful, and requires no anesthesia; what good is the treatment?
  • Aren't treatments supposed to be uncomfortable to a point? 

The answer is no. This comfortable treatment proves to be successful for those suffering from a soft tissue injury. 

Dr. Wilson at Kosak Chiropractic Auto Accident & Pain Clinic located at 1252 Travis Blvd. Suite G, Fairfield, CA, knows that ultrasound successfully treats injuries to soft tissues comfortably and quickly. 

This treatment technique in chiropractic medicine is different, yet much the same as the imaging technology holding the same name. 

This type of alternative treatment has healing properties by emitting high frequency sound waves into the body. You cannot hear or feel these sound waves. At most, you may or may not feel a gentle, relaxing warmth to the area.

The proof of healing is in the way your body reacts to treatment. Depending on your injuries, you may need a few more treatments. It's not unusual. 

Everybody responds differently to the same injuries, treatment, and healing times. Soft tissue injuries bring inflammation, swelling, and decreased blood flow, which causes pain and discomfort. 

The doctor targets the point of injury. For example, if you have a soft tissue injury in your shoulder, the doctor applies a small amount of warm gel to your skin over the affected site and gently massages the area for several minutes with a tool resembling a wand. 

Some patients experience immediate relief from pain and stiffness. Again, a few followup treatments may be required before experiencing decreased pain and stiffness.

Pain is Never Normal and Needs Attention

Our doctor cannot help you until you call him today at 707-426-1111 and make an appointment. Dr. Wilson at Kosak Chiropractic Auto Accident & Pain Clinic, at 1252 Travis Blvd. Suite G, Fairfield, CA. wants to help relieve your soft tissue injury through alternative ultrasound therapy.

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