Preventing Neck Pain

The chiropractic team at Kosak Chiropractic Auto Accident and Pain Clinic offers chiropractic care to help patients address their chronic neck pain or other conditions in Fairfield, CA. Dr. Michael Wilson has the experience to help you live pain-free. Dr. Wilson will design a comprehensive, individualized care plan for you. He is committed to health and wellness to help you live your best life.

Neck Pain

Where does neck pain come from? You might notice it when you wake up, after a strenuous workout, or even after an accident. Though it can be different for everyone, there is no doubt that neck pain is one of the most common types of pain in the United States.

The neck, or cervical spine, begins at the bottom of the skull. Seven vertebrae make up the cervical spine. These vertebrae, muscles, and ligaments are responsible for holding your head up and helping you look around. It’s a big job for small bones and soft tissue, so the neck is susceptible to injury.

Symptoms include neck stiffness, headache, dizziness, and shoulder, arm, or facial pain. 

How do I prevent neck pain?

Preventing neck pain involves checking in with and listening to your body. Spending a lot of time in an office hunched over a computer can cause or contribute to neck pain. If this could be the cause, adjust your computer monitor, so it is level with your eyes.

How you sleep can impact your neck. Keeping your spine in neutral alignment can prevent pain. If you consistently wake up with neck pain, you may want to try a new pillow or sleeping position.

In addition to the above, stretch and exercise your neck during the day. Strengthening your neck muscles, such as by tucking your chin, can reduce the chance of injury.

When should I see a chiropractor?

Neck pain is a common but disruptive issue that can cause pain that radiates down the arms. The source of neck pain can come from posture or chronic diseases, such as trauma, disc degeneration, or arthritis.

The goal of chiropractic adjustments, or joint manipulations, is to improve joint motion and function. The adjustments mobilize the neck and can address stiffness and pain. 

You should see a chiropractor if your pain affects your life. Chiropractors have experience treating neck pain they can leverage to alleviate the pain. 

Treating Neck Pain

Chiropractors, like Dr. Wilson, perform chiropractic adjustments to address your neck pain.

Call (707) 426-1111 to schedule an appointment at Kosak Chiropractic in Fairfield, CA, to address your pain. Dr. Wilson treats automobile and sports injuries and head, back, neck, shoulder, and hip pain.

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