What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) in Fairfield, CA, is a term for pain and stiffness in joints that is caused by damage to cartilage. Dr. Michael Wilson of Kosak Chiropractic can tell you that OA is more common among seniors but can also affect younger individuals.

Maintaining Control of Pain

A healthy, well-padded joint can move quickly because its ends are cushioned by cartilage. However, as that cartilage wears away and breaks down, the surface becomes rougher, making it harder for bones to glide smoothly. When this occurs, you may experience sharp bursts of pain as the ends grind together during movement.

Exercise can keep your joints healthy and strong, helping to reduce the likelihood of OA developing in the first place. Healthy people are usually advised to do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week - such as walking or cycling - plus incorporate strength exercises into your routine - whether performed alone at home or in a group setting.

Maintaining control of pain is essential for managing OA, mainly because it often varies daily. For example, some days are more painful than others, and how your brain perceives pain can differ.

Dr. Wilson can develop a non-invasive treatment plan to help you manage osteoarthritis pain in Fairfield, CA.

Avoiding Injuries and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating nutritiously and maintaining a balanced diet can reduce your risk for OA. Additionally, avoid activities that strain joints excessively, like running or weight training.

Your diet should be low in unhealthy fats that raise cholesterol levels and are linked to increased cartilage damage for OA patients. Additionally, reducing caffeine consumption is recommended since it can increase blood flow to joints.

Massage therapies can all successfully treat OA. They help to relax the muscles surrounding your affected joints, increase blood flow and bring warmth into the area. 

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Wilson specializes in detecting minor misalignments that lead to arthritis changes, especially in weight-bearing areas like the spine, hips, knees, and ankles. Chiropractors also treat the condition through manipulation (adjustments) and mechanical mobilization devices that help improve joint health.

He will work with you to craft a treatment plan tailored to your needs and objectives. The aim is to keep you pain-free so you can return to enjoyable activities.

In addition to treating OA symptoms, Dr. Wilson can offer other solutions to prevent or ease the pain. These may include altering your posture, using supports and aids for the alignment of joints, as well as practicing simple yoga or stretching exercises that reduce discomfort.

Call Kosak Chiropractic at (707) 426-1111 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Wilson to develop your treatment plan for osteoarthritis in Fairfield, CA. 

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